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Moorish American Law!!!

Moorish-Americans: An historical perspective

Published as part of the October 5, 2011 edition.
Moorish-Americans: An historical perspective

Local Moorish- Americans invite others to claim their heritage
By Grand Sheik Jabbar C. Gaines-ElSpecial to Frost Illlustrated
The western hemisphere has remained excited and captivated with the incredible rate upon which the misnomered people, usually referred to as “Black Americans,” have been accepting and publicly declaring their true and lawful/legal identity. “Blacks” and “Mexicans” together by the tens of thousands have made the lawful/legal correction of status as the original/national people of the Americas. They are addressing issues such as their inherited birthrights, organic commerce, self-authority and “national identity” in many diverse social and political forums in every state of the union.
They are displaying a diligent and studious capacity strongly directed towards jurisprudence. In the light of these magnanimous events, many questions have arisen. Many of these questions are rooted in misinformation, of course. In fact, misinformation caused the Moors to be largely disconnected from their own inheritance; corporeal and incorporeal. The Moors must be mentally reconnected to the land and to their forefathers’ relationships and primal influence to civilized society. And, this must be intentionally and rightfully done from a non-subordinate perspective.
Certainly, this suppressed truth is a “key” to real world history and of the consanguine ancestral lineage of the people. Who can deny that when the natural people begin to know the truth about themselves, that they will more willingly start being themselves? With the present state of limited knowledge, they have very little to go on and, therefore, are easily influenced by enemies of their redemption. And allow me to immediately note: That although free citizens may criticize magistrates or other officers within the U.S. judicial courts, we would be remiss if we did not immediately acknowledge those judges and other honorable officers of the U.S. courts who have indeed made good on their oaths to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution. We say, “thank you,” with the utmost reverence. But, at the same time, we are fully aware of those who are enraged that our people are learning that they have the highest lawful/legal status throughout the Americas.
Moors, being the Aboriginal and Indigenous Natural People of the land and the descendants of the founders of civilization, are reminded to always take into account the reality of your unalienable rights and your birthrights. Whenever you must interface in any criminal or civil affair, it is imperative that you immediately establish your “Proper- Person-Status” as a Free Moorish American National. You must respect and maintain the redeeming advantages of your mental, social, political and spiritual consciousness. Above all, act on it! No matter what station of life you may find yourself in, you must always remember— what your ancient forefathers were, you are today! Without doubt or contradiction!
So, once again, “Who are the Moors?” Answer: They are the descendants of the Ab-Original people of the land, regardless of the continent in question. (Please refer to an Ancient Mappa Mundi diagram, before the earthquake that resulted in the Atlantic Ocean being formed.)
We are the first people of North, Central, South and the adjoining islands of the Americas! There was a time when you could walk from America to Africa and never had to cross over any water. But, when a series of earthquakes separated the landmass forming continents, you’ve always had ancient “Black” African tribes on this land that did not have their origins in “any” European slave trade.
This is the legal status of 95 percent of “Black” America! The great secret on Capitol Hill is that we are the true Indigenous owners of this land! We have always been here—we do not come from Africa. We come from Ancient America! Please investigate U.S. President George Washington’s letter to the Moorish Empire in which he asked permission to settle here without being destroyed by the other Moorish regencies, who did not trust these particular Europeans, because they had full knowledge that they were nothing more than convicted felons from the jurisdictions of their own lands.
George Washington’s letter to the Moors was dated: “City of New York, December 1, 1789 to the Sultan of Morocco,” that letter, following the permission given to Europeans to settle by way of the “Peace and Friendship treaty with the Moors” of June 28, 1786. In fact, Morocco was the first government to accept the U.S. as an independent nation. We even financed the army belonging to George Washington with gold from our empire. Otherwise, his troops would not have gotten paid. And, prior to his betrayal against the Moors, he honored the Moroccan flag (red field with green fivepointed star in the center).
The five-pointed star represented love, truth, peace, freedom and justice for all of humanity. It also represented the five master tribes of El, Bey, Ali, Al and Dey. These tribes constituted the formation of the Moorish Empire. And, the annexing of these noble tribal names to your last name reconnects you and signifies you as the indigenous owners of “all” of the Americas! And, these titles are more honored than a Ph.D. from people and nations from all over the world! The Moorish flag is the oldest flag standing today. What about the U.S. flag? The U.S. does not have a flag—it yields a “banner,” thus “The Star Spangled Banner,” which is a banner of permission to engage in commerce from our sultan.
Back to George Washington…
We all heard of him cutting down the “cherry tree,” right? Well, guess what? If you can find a mason or shriner who doesn’t mind risking his own neck, he will bear me witness that the “code” name for the “cherry tree” is the Red Moorish flag! George Washington “cut” it down (the Moors’ authority over this land). Well, much to their surprise, the phoenix has risen! “Old Glory” has been restaffed upon the lands of the West! And, by the way, “Old Glory” is not in reference to the U.S. banner, because in proper context, the U.S. is still a very young nation.
The true “Old Glory” and de jure Flag of America is the Moorish Standard. This flag also has its roots in Ancient Europe—in particular, Spain and Portugal. The Moorish flag was firmly established during the 800-year rulership over the entire European region. It must also be noted that it was during this reign in which the Moors civilized Europeans from literal barbarism, referred to in history as the “Renaissance.” The Europeans learned a great multitude of sciences from the Black- A-Moors such as arts, letters, the classics, mathematics, medicine, literature, chivalry, grammatication/ orthology, architecture, engineering, horticulture, anatomy, alchemy/chemistry, algebra, astrology, astronomy, geography, cosmology/cosmonogony, yoga, chess, Gnosticism, jurisprudence and principles upon which to sustain moral and ethical government, etc.
So the question must be raised: How do we reclaim this great legacy that our people inherited at birth? It starts with the personal acceptance of your Moorish Nationality— take action today!
“Lex Nemini Facit Injuriam” (The law does injury to no one)
Declaring one’s nationality is a free service. For assistance, call Sheik Jabbar C. Gaines-El at (260) 241-4080.
For more information Youtube: Tajj Tarik Bey; Queen Renita Bey; Moors in Court; Moorish America; Ivan Van Sertima; Booker T. Coleman; José V. Pimienta-Bey; lostfeatherintl/index.htm; or visit and see Sevensealspublications. com; R.V. Bey Publications;
Moorish-Americans Public Notice of Appreciation thru Grand Sheik Jabbar C. Gaines-El
The Moorish-American community would first like to respond to the incredible amount of phone calls, walk-ups and e-mails. The general public has voiced their support in favor of the Moors’ constitutional rights to record their documents of cultural heritage. As one supporter shared with me, who happens to be a professional woman downtown, she said, “They record baptism documents and everything else. Why are they bothered?”
The outpouring of affection for our community is incredible, as well as the expressed contempt for those who initiated all of this—individuals who sought out media outlets to promote the recent flood of lies, distortions and misinformation that the citizens of Fort Wayne had to endure. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say, I guess those responsible for trying to create an environment of hostility for innocent people truly underestimated the citizens of Fort Wayne!
And, on behalf of all Moorish- Americans, I would like to reaffirm that we do not subscribe to ANY tenants of racism, gender discrimination or mistreatment of anyone of the human family. And lastly, we are definitely NOT some “sovereign group” that is “against” the U.S. government. Although that level of slander is legally classified as liable and defamation of character, Moorish-Americans remain calm and unmoved.
Thank you, Fort Wayne for all the love and support!

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